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AGRI – Association of Gypsies/Romanies International

ARKA – Roma Rights Forum


BBC Kent Romany voices
Gypsy Traveller’s have built up quite a community on the internet. Here are loads of links to websites that might be of interest.

Bolton Education Service
Bolton Education Service for Showmen and Travellers.

Cambridge University’s International Affairs Journal
Special issue on Roma migrations, history and future migratory potential – top academics.

The Decade of Roma Inclusion
Building on the momentum of the 2003 conference, “Roma in an Expanding Europe: Challenges for the Future”, we pledge that our governments will work toward eliminating discrimination and closing the unacceptable gaps between Roma and the rest of society, as identified in our Decade Action Plans. We declare the years 2005 – 2015 to be the Decade of Roma Inclusion and we commit to support the full participation and involvement of national Roma communities in achieving the Decade’s objectives and to demonstrate progress by measuring outcomes and reviewing experiences in the implementation of the Decade’s Action Plans.

Dom Researach Center
The Dom Research Center was established in 1999 to promote Middle East and North Africa Gypsy Studies. The web site is an extension of the center housing documents and pictures for Dom studies and an on-line journal of new research.

Dzeno Assocation
The Dzeno Assocation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to organize citizens of Romany nationality who want to help strenghten their nation. The association aims to support and develop traditional Romany values and characteristics, provides assistance and training to regional Roma groups, and produces a magazine (Amaro Gendalos) and an internet radio station (Radio Rota) that celebrate Roma history and culture.

Drom Edu Project

Euro Nordic Ethnic

Gypsy Board Room
You can post messages and pretty much say what you want as long as you keep it clean. If you have a web site, please put a link to my room and You can advertize you page on my room also. It will be the number one place for us gypsies to hear news about our people. You can post the latest gosip and news about your ideas.

New website from HCA ROMA SECTION and the Brno museum of Romany culture. HCA Roma Section represents Romany issues within the human rights organization Helsinki Citizens Assembly.

Irish Traveller Movement
Irish Traveller Movement a National umbrella body for Traveller organistions in Ireland.

La Pagina De Los Gitanos
La pagina de gitanos no recibe ayuda estatal o privada ,no somos asociación solo un grupo de gitanos trabajando por su pueblo ,hemos tenido problemas en el servidor y no podemos hacer todavía mas por falta de medios económicos y humanos.

Manush Alapítvány
A Manush Alapítvány nevét a lóvári nyelvbõl kölcsönözte. A magyar köznyelvben nap mint nap használatos kifejezés embert jelent. A Manush alapítvány 2003-ban alapított független közhasznú magánalapítvány. Az Alapítvány célja olyan kezdeményezések támogatása és ösztönzése, melyek a romák és nem romák közötti társadalmi párbeszédet konkrét tevékenységgel segítik.

Mariella Mehr
Romani novelist, poet of German language, lives and works in Tuscany (Italy), she was grown up under the Swiss Roma-opression campaign (1924-73). For her political, historical and poetical activities in favour of minorities she was honoured with a PH.D. (honoris causa) by the University of Basel (Switzerland) in 1998.

Media Diversity Institute
The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is a charity, non-partisan organization that mobilises the power of media to lessen inter-group conflict, advance human rights – especially minority rights – and support deeper public understanding of all types of social diversity.

OSI-Budapest Online Roma Exhibition

Centro di ricerca azione contro la discriminazione di rom e sinti è un’associazione di promozione sociale – onlus che nasce ufficialmente nel 2005, ma con una lunga storia alle spalle.

Paradise Lost
The Open Society Institute, the Allianz Kulturstiftung and the European Cultural Foundation are pleased to sponsor the First Roma Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale. With artists representing eight countries, this is the first truly European pavilion in the Biennale’s history, located in an exceptional space – Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, a typical 16th-century Venetian palace in the city’s Canareggio district.

Pavee Point Travellers’ Centre
The Pavee Point Web site offers comprehensive information on Irish Travellers and also on European Roma issues.

Photo Mythology
This series of photographs is a visual story of the Romani I have known and their struggle to maintain their traditions in the face of modernity. Highlighting children from California (USA) to Italy, these images represent twenty–five years of photographic research and oral history. My intention has been to see beyond the stereotypes of “Gypsy,” which limit our understanding of the Roma.

Pre Drommen Te Romani – Manuset

Roma Community and Advocacy Center, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Devoted to promoting the interests of Canadian and newly arrived Roma. You can subscribe to a newsletter (Romani and English) of the Roma Community and Advocacy Center.

Roma Deportations from Germany
This is a website which is reporting on the topic of Roma deportations from Germany to Kosovo and situation in Kosovo.

Roma Film Productions

Roma in Israel

Roma Music and Culture

Website containing different Roma Photos

Roma Protest Network

Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe (RrAJE)
Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe (RrAJE) is a programme of European Dialogue, in association with The East Anglian Gypsy Council.

Romale – Chavale in Israel
Website of Miss Amoun Sleem

Dedicated to the Roma for their recognition as a people and as a nation, and to their struggle for freedom and against persecution and oppression worldwide

Romani Linguistics Page
The Romani Linguistics Page operated by the Romani Project at the University of Manchester offers background information on the language, maps, bibliographies, a sample of audio files with transcriptions, maps of isoglosses, a database of phrases in various dialects (searchable by wordlist, by grammatical category, and by free choice of phrase), downloadable publications, and other resources.

Internet newspaper concerning Romani affairs

Romano Nevipe (Romani News)

Romany language

Homepage of Hungarian Roma.


Romlex Project
The Romlex project, a co-production of the Romani projects at Graz University (Austria), Aarhus University (Denmark), and the University of Manchester (UK), is a lexical database covering some 25 different varieties of Romani, translated into 15 different target language.
The website about roma/gypsies in Denmark.

Roma National Congress information service

Poetry Site in 4 Languages, (mainly Spanish), to showcase our people’s works. There are many more things on site, besides Poetry. All Rom, Dom and Lom are welcomed.

Union Romani

University of Hertfordshire Press — THE ROMA – A NATION WITHOUT A COUNTRY?

The Associación Secretariado Gitano
The Associación Secretariado Gitano is a nationally-based, non-profit, social institution dedicated to the integral promotion of the Gypsy community through recognition of their cultural identity. The Organisation started operating during the 60′s although the ASGG did not become a legal entity until 1982. Since that time it has been growing and becoming ever more established throughout the whole of Spain and within the Europe as well.

The EU and Roma
This site aims to provide information on the EU’s activities in support of the Roma, Gypsy and Traveller community across Europe. It is aimed at anyone interested in Roma affairs, from individuals to non-governmental organisations and government bodies. Users can access a range of information on the different policies, programmes and initiatives of the EU to promote social inclusion and combat discrimination against Roma.

Tiszai Csoport Tarsasag
Romani NGO in Eastern Hungary

Traveller Visibility Group
Traveller-led development organisation in Cork, Ireland

Les Tsiganes

Women’s Enews