Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The North Queensland Historical Museum is pleased to present
"The History of the the Romani"

Yvonne Slee, well know Sinti author and activist, was successful in her efforts to include Rromani History into the North Queensland museum exhibits! The Anti-stereotyping Romani exhibit in the North Queensland museum portrays the parts Romanies played in local history including jobs they did, things to do with our culture and history, the Romani holocaust, articles, maps, captions, pictures on big boards, our flag, our national anthem Gelem Gelem, also music in Romani chib will be available to listen to plus a glass cabinet displaying Romani crafts and ornaments including items by artist Daniela Stolfi, whose family runs the Sinti and Roma Documentation Center museum in Heidelberg, Germany.

This is an enormous step forward and an important day in Rromani history.
Many thanks to Professor Marcel Courthaide for helping with material. Also a thanks to Professor Ian Hancock and Lecturer Ronald Lee for helping with information. And thank you to the museum director, Mr. Sim, who made the exhibit possible and put it out there for the public to see and Professor Wegner for setting up the display which was co-ordinated by Yvonne and Dave Slee.
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