Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who owns our rights? The USPTO??

Someone sent me the following link to ask me who owns the copy rights to our flag.
It is interesting that someone decided to grant Wikipedia and the entire world the public rights to our flag when no one should have those rights, the flags are for the world to use.

This actually brings up something I have been wanting to address for some time. I would like to ask everyone to join me in petitioning to the USPTO regarding them granting Trademarks to people for the term GYPSY and other versions like Romani, Roma, Gitane (Gitana) etc. or even Gypsy Magic, Gypsy Girl, Gypsy Eyes, Gypsy Fortune etc etc. when the USPTO clearly outlines in their rules that you can't do that which means they don't recognize us as getting the same rights. You will notice that no one has a trademark on African, Mexican, Chinese, etc unless it is used to describe something such as African Bead Company or Mexican Cuisine etc. because the USPTO has laws and will refuse registration that;

"consists of or comprises matter with with regard to a persons institutions, beliefs, or national symbols does any of the following 1)disparages them 2) falsely implies a connection to them 3)brings them in contempt 4) brings them in dispute. They refused the rights of Zia and the Zia sun symbol to a software company because they were concerned about the disparagement of the tribe.

o why the long lists of trademarks using versions of our cultures name and image????

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Tammie said...

You are really pointing out some interesting things Dani. You need your own radio show!