Friday, March 6, 2009

YELP supports racism!

Recently, it was brought to the attention of the yahoo group ROMA_in_Americas, that there were some racist comments against Gypsies and others on YELP. We all wrote in to have them removed. See below to see the original comment and their response. If you want to show support, please write YELP and express your concern.


"I just wish the annoying little gypsy trash children who stand out by
the bus stop yelling the "F" word at everyone would go away, who are
those trashy little pre-convicts and where are there parents (on
Kalakaua stealing from tourists)? I've been to Sure Shot when a group
of those kids tried stealing everything from the tip jar to food on
the counter, and I hear that they try all the time and when they are
caught their nasty welfare gypsy-scam parents come down and threaten
everyone for touching their miserable rat children. The Honolulu
police? They hide and refuse to get involved as usual just in case
it's their nephew or auntie thats causing all the trouble (way to go
HPD, the most corrupt and unhelpful police department in the states).

Seriously Makiki, you residents need to pull together and put a stop
to these urchins from stealing bikes and scooters and causing
problems. I would like to introduce a Ninja-death squad to ALL of
Oahu and get rid of the violent, welfare families that smash car
windows so they can steal $5 sunglasses, pickpocket tourists, steal MY
scooter out of my garage in broad daylight while my neighbors stand
there and watch later telling me "we thought you called somebody to
come take your BRAND NEW SCOOTER away"...uh NO!
HATE Hawaii's welfare gypsy families, LOVE THE SURE SHOT!!!!
John H

RESPONSE 1 and 2

"Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us about this review on Yelp.

We've looked at the review Sure Shot Cafe, and after careful evaluation, we have decided to leave it intact. Reviews are ultimately the responsibility of each reviewer.

To the extent that a review appears to reflect the personal opinion and experiences of the reviewer, we allow the reviewer to stand behind his or her review.

Yelp User Support

Hi Dani,
Thanks for taking the time to write us again and for trying to make Yelp better for everyone.
Removing reviews is not something we take lightly, and we do so only after careful and thoughtful consideration. We understand that you may be frustrated with our decision to keep the review intact, but unfortunately our position remains the same.
We would again encourage you to contact the reviewer directly. Most reviewers respond favorably to business owners who are willing to engage in a constructive dialogue.
Yelp User Support
San Francisco, California

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