Thursday, December 17, 2009

WITHDRAWN "IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED-Write a letter to Baylor president in protest!"


PLEASE SEE NEW POST REGARDING THIS ISSUE. WE left this intact so you can see the original issue.

Professor Ian Hancock, received a letter (below) from a student named Joy Fattori-Hudson at Baylor University. She submitted a paper regarding the the fate of Romanies in the Holocaust. The professor refused to accept it because it dealt with Romanies. His name is Dr. Paul Sands, a theologian. I wrote to him and he replied

“I'm afraid that FERPA (the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) does not allow me to speak with you about this matter. I applaud your work on behalf of the Romani people. May the truth be told and justice prevail -- at last. Cordially, Paul Sands.”

Please (PLEASE!) e-mail a protest to the president of Baylor, his address is

We will also be pursuing this further.


Dear Professor Hancock,

I did not reply earlier because I ended up having a serious problem with my Holocaust Paper. My professor would not even grade it and told me it had to be rewritten. He did not like the subject matter.

I looked at the guidelines (one and half lines long) and it was okay . . . it was radical because it looked at how people hide memories that are not convenient such as the number of Romany people and others who also died in the Holocaust.

Anyway, I felt unable to argue . . . though I did try . . . I rewrote my paper leaving out almost all references to the Romany slaughter and got an A for it. I felt the original paper was the better paper even after re-reading it.

I remain unable to say anything until after I graduate, which I will on Friday.

There is something that still pervades about the Romany holocaust that people just simply do not want to know.
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