Monday, December 14, 2009

It is just sickening

I wanted to post this because it is sickening but sadly, reflects the way people really do feel. This is the very reason we are fighting!

Gypsy Scams
Posted Nov. 25, 2009
Comment on: (Article) World's Worst Travel Scams

I disagree with the recommendations on the Baby Toss & Newspaper Scams. Don't just walk away from Gypsies. The locals in every country & the local police, HATE local Gypsies, with good reason.

Best thing to do is to hit the nearest Gypsy as hard as possible. Kick 'em in the face, the groin, whatever. Doesn't matter if they're kids or females. All Gypsies are trained to steal, so you have every right to protect yourself.

I had one attempt to pull the newspaper scam on me in Madrid...I punched him so hard, I knocked him out. No other passer by took much notice, as I said, they hate Gypsies, so they're happy to see them get a beating.

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Anonymous said...

ho-ly crap...


Anonymous said...

Aw what a racist liar, :( you are so stupid so desperate for a gypsy story she had to make up one it's sounds so fake ugh your dumb!

Dani said...

I love when sad people like you call others dumb when you can't even troll a blog using proper grammar and spelling.

Sorry "it's sounds" fake anonymous. I's can't help it if people's ares evil.

Post in your own name next time chicken.