Monday, March 14, 2011

New campaign website exhorts Roma women to speak out and be the change

08/03/2011 - Starting International Women’s Day 2011, videos, films, photos, news, life stories and experiences can be shared by an estimated six-seven million Romani women worldwide through the campaign website created by the Romedia Foundation, a Budapest-based Roma advocacy organization.

Katalin Barsony, the managing director of the Romedia Foundation and a Romani activist herself, initiated the “I’m a Roma Woman” campaign in 2009 with the release of the first campaign video, which features five young Roma women from all over Europe who speak out about their experiences, their dreams for the future, about who they are. A year later, the campaign extended to the Western Balkans with a new video release produced in cooperation with CARE International North-West Balkans. The success of the campaign among the Roma activists of the world prompted the Romedia Foundation to create a new campaign website, a membership-based online empowerment tool by and for Romani women.

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