Thursday, August 7, 2008


I wanted to pass along this site to people who may have had to deal with harassment. I contacted this guy for some advice when I was receiving these nasty emails. He has some really useful sites on the subject. The most useful one is this new one I found that the people I am dealing with fit these profiles to a "T". I forwarded him some of the messaged I received, and he is going to use them as an example so if you want a good laugh go take a look. I don't know when he is going to put them up but at least go over and read what he has to say.

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Hi Dani
I'm a private Investigator and I've been working cyber stalking cases for over 10 years.
Check out my site and blog when you get a chance. I've love your feed back.

Barb said...

He posted it, it is at the bottom. So, I hope the guy that wrote that crazy stuff goes and reads it. (I know you are stalking her blog according to the profile of you which also means you will go to that site straight away to read what it says about you because you have problems!) You have to wonder if that person gets it at all, how crazy they sound and how stupid and wasteful their efforts are. Kudos to you for rising above it Dani. It really makes me mad to see anyone talking of you this way because you and your family are so wonderful and giving. I am sure it just kills them to see what a beautiful life you live and they think they can try and tear you down. But now that I read where that all comes from, I just feel sad for those poor insecure, mentally ill people....It doesn't mean I still wouldn't give them a big slap if I ever saw them!

Krissy said...

Dani I just wanted to say 'hello ' and have looked over your site. I love love love it. My grandmother always claimed her side of the family were from alsace lorraine area of france and germany before they became separate countries and that they were manoushe gypsy. Her mother's name was Schedle and the man she married was Zabel.My grandma passed a long time ago and so I do not say the whole name to you just the sur name as you will know why I do not say this. I hope you continue to educate people.
Kushti Baxt, Krissy