Friday, November 20, 2009

An appeal to the European Union to put a stop to the ethnic cleansing of the Via Triboniano Roma camp in Milan

Milan, 14/11/2009 - For the last three years the City of Milan has been carrying out a terrifying and well-documented sequence of ethnic cleansing measures against the Roma people, a situation which has led to many deaths, to a terrible exodus and humanitarian crisis. EveryOne Group and other humanitarian organisations have tried to rescue as many families as possible, with their own resources and thanks to several countries in the European Union who have offered the fleeing Roma shelter. The recent clearance of Cascina Bareggiate has thrown dozens of families out onto the street, leaving them homeless, marginalized and often in precarious health or suffering from serious illnesses. Unfortunately, these persecutory policies being carried out by intolerant political parties have received no criticism or protests from the so-called “progressive” parties, and in some cases they have even collaborated in these inhuman measures.

The European Union, despite the alarm given by the former MEP Viktoria Mohasci (who, incredibly was not even proposed as a candidate at the last European elections) has not implemented any measures against this racist drift in Italy apart from issuing one resolution and some weak reprimands. EveryOne Group – in collaboration with the Italian anti-racist network – is appealing to the European institutions to send for Roma witnesses of this persecution, so that the deaths, abuse and suffering is not treated with indifference. But we are also asking the European Union to finally speak out against these crimes and carry out effective measures to prevent this latest shameful operation against the few Roma citizens remaining on Italian soil.


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