Friday, November 20, 2009

Hungary: Secret services head pins responsibility for race riot on far-right

18/11/2009 - Politicians and supporters of Hungary's far right are responsible for the confrontation at the weekend between local Roma residents and supporters of the radical nationalist Jobbik party and its banned uniformed wing, the Hungarian Guard in Sajobabony (NE), the minister in charge of the civilian secret services said after a meeting of the national security cabinet on Tuesday.

Gabor Juhasz insisted that the police had handled the events in a professional manner. The local organisation of the ruling Socialist Party on Tuesday asked Justice Minister Tibor Draskovics to reinforce local police in the county and set up a police station in Sajobabony. On Saturday, Jobbik held a public forum in the town, which provoked a demonstration by 200-300 members of the local Roma community. Police prevented violent confrontation, but hostilities resumed the next day. One woman was injured and the windshield of a car was smashed in the incident.


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