Monday, January 11, 2010

FREE Angelika Libera - 16 yr old Romani girl imprisoned

10th of May 2008, Ponticelli district, Naples, Italy, the 16-old girl Angelika got arrested under an extremely defamatory charge: “She attempted to kidnap a baby”. According to a recent decision issued by the Court for Minors of Naples because she is a ROMNI “totally inserted in schemes belonging to Romani culture”, fully “integrated within that” she faces a “concrete danger of “recidivism”. At the moment she is deprived of her freedom and locked in the Neapolitan infamous “juvenile” by the sea “Istituto Penitenziario Minorile di Nisida” until she will turn 18 when she will be probably relocated to a penitentiary for adult females. Most importantly, this is last opportunity to intervene against this latest racist decision openly referring to all Roma people and directly targeting “Romanip√®” (Romani identity) as an illicit attitude. Angelika’s lawyer lost every appeal but very soon, in December he will have to handle this very complicated case in front of the Italian Court of Cassazione. Besides all of the terrible events that affected Angelika, she strongly declared her innocence. Angelika will have to stay in a penitentiary for 3 years and 8 months to serve her sentence.

Two journalists carried out their own investigations, Marco Imarisio writing for “Corriere della Sera” and Miguel Mora for “El Pais”, both of them discovered that the mother of the baby Mrs. Flora Marinelli had a previous criminal record for “falso ideologico” (lie), while her father Ciro- also known as “O’ Cardinale” (The Cardinal) - was charged before with a nine months sentence for “criminal organization” and affiliated with the Clan Sarno, a Camorra family ruling the Ponticelli district and characterized for its ability in obtaining public tenders. According to EveryOne Group the version of the facts provided by authorities and media was false. It was given to trigger off a “gypsy hunt”.

But Ponticelli was also undergoing a plan of renovation, a massive, super expensive enormous investment, right on the place where Roma settled. Some sources affirmed that Roma had to go away because the works had to begin, too much money was already involved and so were the Commune of Naples, politicians and the Ponticelli’s Committee, companies based in Luxemburg whose members’ names can not be disclosed. Few days after the arrest of Angelika the Roma settlement was set on fire by an organized mob.

Angelika is victim of an exemplary punishment, issued and reconfirmed during an extremely hard time for Roma in Italy, when decrees ad hoc have been promulgated, fingerprinting and biometric data have been collected, evictions and expulsions have been carried out disregarding a number of recommendations, international EU laws and treaties.
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