Saturday, January 9, 2010

lobby for the immediate evacuation & medical treatment of around 650 refugees at a camp in Osterode Kosovo

Dear Colleague's

Please see UK Association of Gypsy Women - Annual Report 2009 on

UKAGW are embarking on a campaign to lobby for the immediate evacuation and medical treatment of around 650 refugees at a camp in Osterode Kosovo. They are living in what has been described as a hell-hole and where test carried out on the children in the camp show that they now have so much 'Lead' in their Blood' that medical equipment cannot measure it accurately!

We want to lobby your support in our appeal and quest for the immediate, effective and constructive change to the lives of those poor unfortunate people as soon as is humanly possible.

I have copied in my Colleague Shay Clipson who has taken on the responsibility to spearhead this mammoth campaign, Shay hopes to make a fact-finding mission to the camp in Kosovo as soon as possible. Shay will be first-line contact and will be happy to work and hear from individuals or organization that are able to significantly contribute to this campaign

UKAGW would sincerely appreciate your expertise, influence or indeed any help or support you are able to contribute to this mission.

The people on Osterode camp do not need another mission to highlight their suffering, the world is in full receipt of what is happening there, they deserve and need you to use your influence and expertise to secure effective change and not to abandon them to a future that is doomed which will only ensure further heartache and misery and inevitably their early death.

Please support this important humanitarian campaign.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very healthy, happy and successful New Year.

Kind regards

Rachel Francis-Ingham
Inclusion officer
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